Train To Missouri

by Sam Vallentine

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Inspired by the Swartz's infectious enthusiasm for cowboy songs and our trip to the beautiful Kangaroo Valley (depicted).


Train To Missouri - Sam Vallentine 2011

Hear you me tell this story of a girl named Nancy
She ran away from her ma and pa
They did not love her as they did ought to
And so she hopped on a train to Missouri

She sat there cryin' all sad and lonesome
She had nobody to comfort her that night
And so she hopped off at the very next station
There where she met this young handsome lovin' guy

She had no money to buy a ticket
To get here home to her ma and pa
And so he offered her accommodation
Till he could get her home safe in the morning

So they went riding upon his stallion
Out to his cattle ranch forty minutes away
There he did kill her with a pot and ladle
Then he did bury her body in his lawn

So there ya go kids don't run away
Don't put your trust in the strangers that you meet
Have faith in parents they're bound to come 'round
And give you all of the loving that you need

This was the story of a girl named Nancy
She ran away from her ma and pa
But they did love her may not have showed it
Oh how they mourned her for forty days and nights


released September 11, 2013
Horse and cow sound effects by me (can you believe it!). This is a relatively low quality recording. One day I'll redo it.




Sam Vallentine Sydney, Australia

Songs performed and recorded myself at home.

I do enjoy most kinds of music but rock and pop from late last century has influenced me the most.

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