by Sam Vallentine

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Think Orwell, Asimov, Dick, Scott...


Sunlight - Sam Vallentine 2010

Drifting through the day
Stopping it from slipping through your fingers
Trying to hold on
You can hardly hear
The people who are telling you to let it go
You're trying to ignore them

The sunlight's almost gone and you can hardly feel a thing
You've got to get back so you can wake again
I can tell you now that you don't want to be around
When the sunlight is gone and you can't see at all

Waking with a sigh
Wishing that you could have seen what's out there
What's hidden in the darkness
You can never know
They've got us wrapped around their dirty little fingers
We're to never know the difference

The sunlight's almost gone and you can hardly feel a thing
You've got to stay awake so you can see the truth
They're coming for you now and you don't want to be around
If the search party finds you you won't wake again

Drifting through the day
Hoping it won't slip right through your fingers again
Not wanting to repeat


released September 12, 2013




Sam Vallentine Sydney, Australia

Songs performed and recorded myself at home.

I do enjoy most kinds of music but rock and pop from late last century has influenced me the most.

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