How Many Summers (Acoustic)

by Sam Vallentine

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This is not a question or a love song.


How Many Summers - Sam Vallentine 2010

Cloudless days rolling breezes
Blaring sun laughs and sneezes
I can't think of a better way to spend my time
But I don't know how long this will last
So I'll see how much I can get out of this time I've got with you

I cannot count the days when I wished they'd never ended
Why is life so over comprehended
The lights aren't on yet dinner's just been set
We sit down facing the cliffs off in the distance
Talking till ten and then we still could go on and on and on and on
And I wouldn't do this with anyone but you

But these things are almost too good to be true
And it's hard to understand how they could go on
So for me who can only see so far ahead
I'm glad I'm staying close to you for now

Please understand how much I love spending time with you
I can't explain how good it makes me feel inside when we're together
But when I stop and think just how many summers we really have
I can't help it but treasure each of our moments

In the pool diving splashing spraying
Drying off while Jeff Buckley's playing
Who could ask for more


released September 11, 2013




Sam Vallentine Sydney, Australia

Songs performed and recorded myself at home.

I do enjoy most kinds of music but rock and pop from late last century has influenced me the most.

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