Can't Stay Ill Forever

by Sam Vallentine

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Angst warning. Nah seriously, give it a listen. It's not long and lightens up at the end.


Can't Stay Ill Forever - Sam Vallentine 2011

My mind is wandering but I'm lying still
My pillow's propped against the window sill
And not a single star shines through the clouds

So I ponder what I'll say to her tomorrow
I know that it is up to her
My sorrow

My heart is filled with what I think is grief
But knowing God's love is just perfect relief
Against her will I'd not have any love

So I will not ask for any more
Than what she will give me of her own accord
I can't stay ill forever


released September 12, 2013


tags: pop pop rock Sydney



Sam Vallentine Sydney, Australia

Songs performed and recorded myself at home.

I do enjoy most kinds of music but rock and pop from late last century has influenced me the most.

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