Bridget (Demo)

by Sam Vallentine

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Angst warning. First song I wrote on my first guitar - a nylon Yamaha classical inherited from my grandfather (not depicted). I changed one chord (and the key) recently but the rest is as I wrote it four years ago.

P.S. Note the reasonably consistent technique of rhyming words with themselves in the first and second verses.


Bridget - Sam Vallentine (2009)

Oh Bridget whatchyou tryin' to do
Tryin' to make me see that falling for you
Well it just won't do
Am I s'posed to take that from you

Hey Bridget whatchyou doin' to me
This is torture Bridget
What can I do to make you see me
What am I doing wrong

And now you're getting older
You better start being bolder
You gotta step right out of your
Comfort zone and breathe
Breathe the air of freedom
Breathe the air of risks and breathe the outside air with me

Bridget open up your heart
Let me look into your eyes
Can you hear me calling
Give me your hand now

How Bridget am I s'posed to cope
If I do not have you
All I ask is to hold you once in a while
Is that not what you want too

Don't push me away
Just ask me to stay
I want to see your beautiful smile once again


released September 12, 2013




Sam Vallentine Sydney, Australia

Songs performed and recorded myself at home.

I do enjoy most kinds of music but rock and pop from late last century has influenced me the most.

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